Prostitution Post Haiti Earthquake In Haiti
This video is about Prostitution during the post Haiti Earthquake...
published: 23 Dec 2013
World: Surviving the Haiti Earthquake - nytimes.com/video
A look back at the month following the earthquake in Haiti and how a diverse group of indi...
published: 11 Jan 2011
Al Jazeera Correspondent - Haiti: After the Quake
Al Jazeera's Sebastian Walker asks why a system that was designed to help Haitians ended u...
published: 18 Sep 2011
Plant With Purpose-Haiti Post-Earthquake
Plant With Purpose currently works in 67 villages in Haiti and focuses on long-term develo...
published: 22 Oct 2010
Haiti's post-traumatic mental recovery
The United States has suspended evacuations of critically injured victims of the Haiti ear...
published: 31 Jan 2010
HAITI EARTHQUAKE warning these footage are very sad and disturbing
HAITI EARTHQUAKE warning these footage are very sad and disturbing....
published: 13 Jan 2010
author: good2gostar
Haiti Recovering, Improving, 3 Years After Quake
Since the earthquake, the World Bank has significantly increased its support for Haiti, al...
published: 14 Dec 2012
author: WorldBank
Travel in Haiti post-hurricane
Images of travel near Mirebalais, Haiti. Travel has become extremely treacherous over land...
published: 15 Sep 2008
author: HoseanHaiti
In Chaos of Post-Earthquake Haiti, Artists Create Poetry Amid Rubble
On his recent reporting trip to Haiti, Jeffrey Brown explored the story of Haitian poets a...
published: 27 Jan 2011
Haiti Post office Getting better
Free Tube http://palecho.com for more news Minustah TV....
published: 06 Dec 2011
author: PalechoTV
Helicopter Flight Over Haiti Post-Earthquake - SOS Children's Villages
SOS Children's Villages video from the helicopter flight of Myriam Rodriguez, director of ...
published: 16 Jan 2010
Dr. Paul Farmer on Post-Earthquake Haiti: "How Can We Do a Better Job?" Part 1 of 2
DemocracyNow.org - Eighteen months ago this week, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake th...
published: 14 Jul 2011
author: democracynow
Haiti: Post-Catastrophe Reconstruction
As a student enrolled in the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate, you'll have opportunitie...
published: 21 Nov 2012
Hereos in Haiti: Project Medishare's post-earthquake stories of survival
published: 29 Aug 2011
Vimeo results:
Year Zero
Year Zero is a documentary film about the aftermath of Haiti post earthquake January 12, 2...
published: 09 Jan 2012
The Aid Dilemma
In the aftermath of January's devastating earthquake in Haiti, post-disaster relief is cre...
published: 29 Oct 2010
author: Travis Fox
Canon 5D Haiti Slider Shots Post Earthquake
These were taken with the Canon 5D with the 24-70 L series and the new 70-200 2.8 IS L II....
published: 14 Sep 2010
Rescue Haiti's Children: Trailer
In this powerful, short trailer, the cinematographers take you onto the ground of post-ear...
published: 24 Feb 2010

Youtube results:
Violence flares in Haiti post-election
Demonstrations and violence engulfed Haiti on Wednesday, the day after the presidential el...
published: 08 Dec 2010
author: AFP
Haiti 2010 - Post Earthquake
A video highlighting a mission trip to Petit Goave, Haiti after the devastating earthquake...
published: 21 Mar 2010
author: mwlight
Just Minutes After After The Earthquake in Haiti (Carrefour, Port-Au-Prince) Part 2
Right After The Earthquake in Haiti January 12th. 2012, I Went Back to Get My Camcorder In...
published: 13 Jan 2013
author: DJ ICE
Driving Through Port-Au-Prince Haiti - Post Earthquake
Driving through the streets of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in February 2010, after the deadly 7....
published: 25 Mar 2010
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